Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rogue Scholars Give Their Predictions

Here at Rogue Scholar Society we pride ourselves on our political acuteness. I asked my fellow Scholars for their predictions on who will win today, Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Nancy Campos: I think people are afraid of the (feces) storm that will accompany a Romney/Ryan office. His many gaffes on foreign policy (the fact that he has no clue about foreign anything), backpedaling on every issue, and that he's pissed off many key groups (women, Latinos, the 47% etc.) will win it for Obama. Plus, look at the response the president has received after Sandy.

Christopher David: My piece says that Sandy tilts the election in Obama's favor due to the fact that he was quick, worked with the local and state administrations without any political BS, and seems more in touch with the general population. Romney/Ryan also want to turn back the clock to the 80s, 50s, and 30s simultaneously with their policies.

Shingi Mayima: I'd say Gary Johnson... because Shervin said so... (Only in my ideal world Shingi)

Travis Nemmer: Virginia, New Hampshire, and Florida will go red. Ohio's set for Obama, as is Nevada thanks to Gary Johnson. High showings in New Hampshire, New York, and Nevada will put Johnson up to six percent. Republicans will blame it on Romney's 'moderation' and nominate some Isaiah-quoting, anti-miscegenation clown and guarantee sixteen years of Democratic administrations. (Always poetic Travis)

Ernesto Alvarado: Obama ekes by. Michelle teaches the nation how to Dougie. (Didn’t she do that already Ernesto?)

My prediction: Not Gary Johnson, which makes me sad. Back to reality: I say Obama wins the Electoral College 286 to 254. There is a strong possibility that he will lose the popular vote. Good thing the popular vote doesn’t matter. 

Obama: 5
Johnson: 1
Romney: 0 

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On the money!