Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"But I Changed that African Part..."

An overall re-orientation that puts Africa at the very heart of African Consciousness is needed
I was recently approached by a primary school classmate and good friend of mine who resides in China. Like me (and millions of other young Zimbabweans in the past decade), he left the country at the peak of its socio-economic crisis and currently works in some capacity at a Chinese elementary school. When he called, he explained to me that he had been asked to present a speech for a Children's Day celebration they were having, and was thus seeking my assistance in coming up with something thought-provoking. I spent an hour or two throwing some ideas together and send them his way. A couple of days later, he shared with me the forum on which the final speech had been shared, and, as it turned out, he had presented the speech as I had given it to him verbatim (absolutely fine by me.) Well, almost verbatim. See, I had signed off my version as follows: