Friday, January 3, 2014

Weenie Wars - Political Dialogue in the Age of Recreational Outrage

Growing up in Buffalo, Sunday mornings meant two things to me: free soda at Sunday School that I wasn't supposed to tell my parents about, and a cold trek up the driveway to get the Buffalo News, so I could be the first person in the house to read Dave Barry's humor column. God, I loved that column, if for no other reason than I used to break down into a break down into a useless fit of giggling at the prospect of being exposed to the word "weenie" in print (Editor's Note - "Used to," Trav?). So one Christmas, my parents got me a copy of Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs, a book he wrote in 1997, chronicling a list of all the songs that Mr. Barry thought were "for weenies," because writing hyperbolic essays that liberally use the word "weenie," is apparently a big money job for some people (so there, Mom).