Sunday, May 26, 2013

AU at 50: 5 Reasons Africa Is Celebrating this Africa Unity Day

A year ago, as the world celebrated the 49th Africa Unity Day, we published an ambiguously received piece titled "What is Africa Really Mad About?" : ambiguous in that it avoided both the high-horsed 'charity case' approach that many external entities adopt when they view the continent; and the hard-headed defiant blindness to reality that several African nationalists will take up in defense of the motherland. Rather, the article outlined both the external and internal factors that were ultimately burdening the continent.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Forever the 'Other': How Segments of Hip-Hop Misuse Equalizing Platforms
Picture a scenario:

There once was a family in a neighborhood. Let's call them the Wilsons. Although every bit as dignified and able as any family in  that community, they had been dealt a heavy card in that they ended up in this neighborhood due to no will of their own, and had, for the longest time, struggled to keep up with the other families. Because of these disadvantages and the resultant , the family was treated poorly by the rest of society: they were a disgrace to the community; they would never be able to fit in; why did they end up here anyway?