Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back for the First Time

By Ernesto Alvarado

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"We can love an honest rogue, but what is more offensive than a false saint?"
Jessamyn West

As the internet embarks on the largest online protest in history, the Rogue Scholars are born on the very principle that these titans of technology are fighting for: the ability to create. 

The Rogue Scholars Society welcomes its readers to its inaugural post and hopes to be able to entertain, inform and insight as our site expands and evolves. Our forum consists of minds from across the United States with various backgrounds coming together to muse about issues ranging from U.S. Foreign Policy dilemmas to how Jay-Z embodies all that's right (and wrong) about America. 

Artistic Intellectualism

We want to make boring or mundane information, that is nonetheless important, attractive and readable material. The spread of information is essential to all but the infusion of eloquent writing, beautiful analogies, poetic descriptions, and breathtaking photography will ensure that the reader will have an experience much different than their typical coursework or news stories. Our Rogue Scholars know that knowledge is the collection of facts, but we also know that wisdom is the beautification and simplification of knowledge. 

The Name

Our writers will be spread across the world and their topics will be just as expansive.  We do not call ourselves scholars to elevate ourselves above the layman but rather to demonstrate that anyone that is willing to learn and, more importantly, to spread that information to their community is truly worthy of the term. We are not rogue in a reckless fashion, instead we are a group of writers that have suffered for too long with monotonous regurgitating of facts that offer the same points of view. We want to offer a fresh perspective on issues that are important and timely. The Scholars will paint a picture more vibrant and unique than those sometimes offered. 

The Launch 

SOPA and PIPA have become the new common enemy for the internet and social media. Today on January, 18th 2012, sites across the globe are blacking out in protest. They negate their services as a preemptive way to show the world what censorship could do. The Rogues feel that we should create, we should launch, we should innovate as if SOPA and PIPA were not threats. Rather than show what could happen if, we want to show what will continue to happen if not. 

When the blackouts begin, sometimes the Rogues have to carry the light. So our time to act is now.. 

"Cuz all that hype won't feel the same next year boy" 

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